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Brand Junkies is a company that values talent and life experience above all. Our relationship with our team, their right to earn a living, their need to feed and protect their family and their value within society is important to us.

We believe there’s something charming in the ability to connect through perfectly written, targeted text, that’s specific to the author and that touches the reader’s soul. We believe that drawing on our team’s experience and cultural diversity allows us to intrigue, engage, and entertain through perfectly produced creativity.

We’ve decided, as a company that values human-to-human interaction, to avoid using any form of AI to create content or text, or to use it to help us create any of our work – now and in the foreseeable future.

We understand that AI is an amazing tool, but we have amazing people.

This policy has been put into place to preserve our culture and confirm our commitment to our team, our talented partners, and our trusted suppliers. We want to deliver an authentic experience to our customers and help them to build their brands, reach their goals, and achieve their objectives with our qualified views and hard-earned experience.

We hope you continue to enjoy our work, laugh at our mistakes, and ignore our speeling mistakes. We are only human after all.


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