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About Us

Nice and talented - belief in our brand and trust in our vision is essential

Brand Junkies is an advertising and design agency built around a group of incredibly talented, committed and driven people. It’s all about the power of ideas and bringing them to life in a fully integrated way, on a cross media platform. Our team are hooked on delivering outstanding creative thinking and perfectly produced materials for brands who understand the power and potential of injecting creativity in to their business. The results of our work speak for themselves. 

What gives us the biggest buzz is seeing our work come to life and benefitting the most important people of all – our clients. We work in a pragmatic way to create beautiful original ideas from a genuine creative strategy, (without the waffle and limiting effects of endless meetings), and we then translate the thinking in to big ideas that we then perfectly produce – all with a single aim of generating positive results for our clients and their brands, products and service.