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We’ve all heard of it, but what exactly is it, and how can it help you and your brand in the future? Grab a coffee, and read on – there may be something here that triggers you.

First the science bit.

You can skip to the fun bit if you want – we’ve studied the science so you don’t have to!

Neuromarketing research, is the systematic collection and interpretation of neurological and neurophysiological insights about individuals using different protocols allowing researchers to explore non-verbal and physiological responses to various stimuli for the purposes of market research.

Our Brand Junkies in-house neuro lab uses neuromarketing tools in order to deep dive into our decision making process with brain and body measurement tools that include Eye TrackingElectrodermal Activity (galvanic skin response), Biometrics (detecting the heart rate) and Facial Coding

These tools help our researchers and our clients to better understand the “unconscious” drivers that appeal to their consumers through our creative work.

The fun bit.

How a frog creates feel good endorphines.

You probably remember the colourful bouncing balls of Sony Bravia TV commercial in 2005. Sony broke a sales record among its peers, the commercial video was downloaded nearly 20,000 times in eight weeks (in those days that was a HUGE figure!) But what was it that triggered people? 

The commercial was analysed using a system that measures ‘brain waves’ and a strange “unconscious” emotional engagement was discovered in the 17th second of the spot – when a frog leaps from a drain pipe. On the conscious level, it was irrelevant to the overall communication, but what the brain waves indicated was the strongest positive response.

Sony were lucky – the frog was simply a happy accident that the creative team thought was fun. There are a million stories of creative work bombing though.

At the Brand Junkies, we’re not suggesting we hide a frog in everything we do, but we test all of our creative ideas to give them the best chance of success before our clients invest in production.

Now that we have your attention…

The Power of Directional Cues

We all have a natural tendency to follow the gaze of others, and we have been coached since birth to follow arrows directing us to where we should be looking or going. 

Take a look here:

Figure 1.

It’s obvious that the baby’s face is drawing a lot of attention. As a matter of fact, faces of babies and pretty women draw the longest gazes from all visitors (no surprises there!)

From a marketing standpoint, this is a problem because the copy isn’t commanding enough attention. And I’m sure that the brand are not trying to sell babies.

Figure 2.

Now look at the browsing patterns when an image of the baby facing the text was used.

As you can see, the research group were focused on the baby’s face but followed the baby’s line of sight to the headline and opening copy.

Even the area of text that the baby’s chin was pointing to was read more!


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