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Desire + talent + energy = A Brand Junky. The beating hearts of our business
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All of our thinking is based on years of global experience and common sense (which isn’t as common as you’d imagine).

We operate a no-bullshit system, where we are always honest, upfront and true to our strengths.

Our people are all nice and talented.

Our clients are treated to the best ideaswe can imagine.

And we believe that a great idea that’s perfectly produced can change the world for our clients.

Luuk de Kunder Owner/MD
Matt Phillips Creative Director
Eef Luchies Account Director
Nicky de Weger Designer
Frank Jacobs Senior Designer
Jacky Rinket Designer
Rick Sonnemans Designer
Tove Jusic Accountmanager
Monique Klokgieters Accountmanager
Jeroen de Zwart Accountmanager
Ad Mertens Logistics Manager
Carin van Appeven Finance & HR
Mirte Wilbers Office Assistant
Hans Zevenbergen Director Belgium