Bold choices lead  

to better results  

Tove Jusic

Account Manager

Build trust.
Keep things on track.
Eye’s on the prize.
Create meaningful relationships.

I was born in Sweden, and quickly realized I was never going to be a chef, so I put my attention to more important things, like singing. I’ve always been keen to explore different places and meet new people, so when I met the love of my life on vacation, I made the bold decision to move to the Netherlands, to be with him full-time, around 16 years ago. We now have two amazing kids so it was definitely the right choice.

I’m happy to chat in 3 languages, and a fourth is on the way.

I absolutely love to share my thinking and creative iinsights, and I’m smart enough to let the pro’s do their thing and make the ideas look great.

I’m always up for a challenge – the scarier the better. I’m like a swan – I appear calm but I’m paddling like crazy below the surface.

I enjoy building relationships, whether it’s with colleagues, clients, at the gym or at a music festival – I’m always up for a chat and love to listen.

I’ve worked in the world of marketing and communication for long enough to know my knowledge and experience adds value to our clients and their brands.

In my role as a project and client manager, my responsibility is to create clarity and structure within the creative chaos and build long-term trust with my clients.