Fascinated by design  

from a young age  

Mila Sandkuijl

Creative DTP'er

I’ve been fascinated by design from a young age and initially I dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. I signed myself up at a fashion designer school to make my dreams come true, but it didn’t go as I’d hoped. Not to be put off, I decided to take a little detour and chose to study floral art to express my creativity.

Once I’d completed the course I felt I still had more to give and dived into digital publishing.

I’m proud of my independence and drive, and at 22 I moved into my own home. This was during COVID – where jobs in marketing and communications was hard to find. I had bills to pay, and while it wasn’t my dream job, I grabbed the opportunity to work as a delivery driver – knowing that most people were ordering online and needed their parcel delivering

In my spare time you can find me behind the scenes helping to organize musical theatre. My main role is as the stage manager, ensuring that the scenes are set, and the shows run smoothly. I’m also responsible for providing the PR materials for the musicals that are performed every year.

My precious time outside of work and the theatre is spent with my partner who offers me immense support, and my dear friends. I’m very proud of the people I’m surrounded with and the vibe is good and warm. Their positive energy is something that I like to pass on to other people around me. I’m now at Brand Junkies and hope to bring a little bit of showbiz to the studio, avoiding  dramas, and always performing.