I live my life with  

a compass, not a watch  

Matt Phillips

Creative Director

5 Countries.
Many awards.
Hundreds of happy clients.
One way of working – flat out.

I pride myself on creating unique marketing and communication tools that make a difference to the client, their brand and their company goals.

Business to consumer or business to business – it all boils down to one simple fact – people buy from people they like.

I believe in the power of ideas and the application of common sense.

I’ve created products, launched brands, developed marketing and communication strategies and produced just about every possible creative solution that supports a fully integrated idea with proven business building results.

I’ve encouraged Singaporeans to eat healthy and the Dutch to drink (more) beer. I’ve helped Chinese citizens to appreciate European craftsmanship and explained that retiring early is possible with good financial planning to the good people of Hong Kong – advice I wish I’d have taken myself.

I’ve won awards all over the World for both effectiveness and creativity, and I’ve been recognized as one of the sharpest creative minds of my generation. Which is nice and humbling.

I’m a proud dad, and an enthusiastic cyclist and take great pride in being fit and healthy, so I have the energy to keep on going – no matter what.