If you stand for nothing,

you’ll fall for anything.

Luuk de Kunder

Owner. Strategist. Account Director

Hyper focussed.
Straight talker.

Since 2014, I’ve been the incredibly proud owner of Brand Junkies. It was always a dream to own a design company and after establishing my first business – Levanto.nl – please check us out! – I had the opportunity to invest in, and then purchase 100% of an existing agency that specialised in servicing local business, and executing small projects.

I understand and value creativity as the most powerful tool in business, and although I can’t make the stuff myself, I’ve always had a gut feeling for what is going to work and generate results. That’s why I made the choice in 2020 to expand the business and focus on highly creative solutions for national and international clients.

I believe in hiring people who can do the things I simply can’t and I’ve built a dedicated team of highly creative thinkers and doers, to develop and implement outstanding creative solutions for the most important peopl eof all – our clients.

Our clients trust us to deliver unique creative solutions to their very real business challenges. We pride oursleves on creating work that works. Not for us, but for the client, and we grow our business by growing our client’s business first.

I’m proud to be a part of the team that continues to collect Internationally recognized awards for outstanding creativity and results.

In my spare time, I travel the World, absorbing as much culture as possible, collecting memories and learning languages. I’m naturally a wrestless person, and I’m always busy searching for new innovations, opportunities and ideas that will help my companies grow.