Always look at a challenge  

from every angle  

Susan Louwers


A heart for creation.
A nose for visualization.
An eye for detail.
A taste for adventure.

I started my journey exploring the World of design and the many possibilities it holds at an event company, before branching out into interior design.

I’m now deeply involved in bringing ideas to life with human-to-human fully integrated communications and marketing materials.

I’m dedicated to making ideas come to life, in 2D or 3D – it’s all about creating engagement with the target audience across every media channel.

I believe the truth in a product or service all comes down to releasing the essence of the brand. If you have a good story to tell, people will listen.

I’m always busy. Learning, evolving, exploring – pushing myself to be better.

I surround myself with people, both professionally and privately, who I can learn from. I know I can take elements from their experience and apply it to my own work and life.

In my spare time, I’m on the football field with my teammates – I’m the last line of defense – reliable and dependable. Always keeping an eye on what’s going on in front of me, and ready to put in a challenge.

I’m a designer. I’m a friend. I’m a footballer. I visualize and create designs based on a friendly strategic insight and always with a goal in mind.