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That’s the heart of our business.

A member of the Institute of Ideas.
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We are a team of highly motivated, internationally experienced strategic thinkers, idea developers & creative makers.

Brand Junkies is a multi-award-winning creative agency that have been around for over 23 years, delivering World changing creative tools, solutions and materials across all areas of marketing and communications.

Whether it’s a fully integrated global campaign for an established multinational or naming, positioning, branding and launching   a fresh-faced start-up, we are here to help our clients (and their brands) realise their full potential.

We never lose sight of the fact that people buy from people they like, and our not-so-secret secret is that we’ve ditched the old B2B and B2C way of thinking in favour of a focussed human approach – we call it People-to-People, or P2P for short.

Brand Junkies are a member of the Institute of Ideas Group –

Working as a group ensures that when needed, we can take on any task and see it through – from idea to installation and beyond. There’s a real-world benefit to our clients too, keeping the lines of communication short – meaning you only have one arse to kick!

We hook your clients to your brand, product or service

Our belief is that every challenge is an opportunity to change the World (of our client and their customers) – one big idea at a time.

When we integrate a big idea it always leads to consistency of messaging, a clear tone and voice across all communication touch points and ultimately better results.

To hook your customers, we conceptualise and create full blown campaigns, design packaging, develop and create office, retail and exhibition environments and build digital platforms. We make films, photography and animations and we write in a language people will feel and create materials in a form that people can embrace.

In short, we listen to what our clients want and deliver what they need to achieve their goals and get their customers hooked to their brand.